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Zion (Zyon) is a mobile game developed by aquatrax in collaboration with Shanghai HENIAN.


The game was released on November 18, 2015 for iOS products. The Android version was released on April 29, 2016.[1]


On July 17, 2015 at Firefly Con, a game featuring Luo Tianyi, YANHE, and Yuezheng Ling was announced to be in production and would be developed by aquatrax. It was later revealed that it was called "Zion" and it would feature two different playing styles.[2] Later in the year, aquatrax built a Facebook page and a Twitter account for Zion and continued to announce their progress through these social medias. The developers intended to release the game in China during the first week of October.[3]

In September, aquatrax announced that they would distribute Zion as a free download in the App Store and Google Play if the Facebook page received 10,000 likes before the official launch. They were also offering more than 10 free tracks. However, this goal was not accomplished.[4]

When the game released for iOS products, aquatrax occasionally released themes and other goods for free.[5] The Android version was originally due release in December 2015, but was delayed due to slow development progression. In January 2016, it was revealed that it was delayed even further due to China's firewall restrictions and in compensation for the wait, aquatrax hinted that another character would become available in the game.[6]

In February 2016, MAYU was hinted to be available in the game and was later confirmed in April.[7][8]

In March 2016, the Android version was confirmed to be releasing in April and was later announced to be released on April 29th.[9]

In April 2016, Dots Mode was introduced. In addition, aquatrax offered free prizes if people "attended" the pre-registration event. These included in-game coins, songs, characters, and menu themes.


Zion officially became unsupported due to its server service provider's bankruptcy in February 2020, leaving aquatrax to work solely on another game of their's: "Yīn Líng INVAXION".[10]



  1. The game is played using the touchscreen and is available in three modes: Pure Mode, Dual Mode, and Dots Mode.
  2. Dual Mode is played by using the buttons located on the four corners of the screen. The ones at the top are red, while the ones at the bottom are blue. The player must tap on the buttons that correspond with the colored orbs appearing on the screen.
  3. Pure Mode is played by tapping on the orbs that appear in order on the screen.
  4. Dots Mode was introduced prior a few weeks before the Android release and is played by tapping on the buttons that ripple in order on the screen.[11] The ripple must be in line with the button to receive full points. In addition, buttons with two red dots must be held in place until the dots connect and the player must release when they do.


Featured producers[]

Dr. Yun, litterzy, Rosary, H.K.Kun, Luna Safari, Tiaonan-P, Trii, Junk

Song list[]

*Songs unlocked through the gift code option

Chinese, Pinyin English Producer Singer
01 Stage 5 Stage 5 LV.4
02 梦之雨 (Mèng zhī Yǔ) Rain of Dreams Dr. Yun YANHE
03 刀剑春秋 (Dāojiàn Chūnqiū) The Age of Sword and Blade litterzy YANHE
04 Scarlet Drop Scarlet Drop Rosary Ling
05 千年食谱颂 (Qiānnián Shípǔ Sòng) Millennium Recipe Song H.K. Kun Tianyi
06 Sink Into Nightmare Sink Into Nightmare LEMiao feat. YooSanHyakurei
07 Empyrean Empyrean Himmel
08 The Eighth Sin The Eighth Sin MIssionary
09 Step on your heart -心印- Step on your heart -心印- Luna_Safari Tianyi
10 The Formula The Formula Junk
12 I Can Reach You I Can Reach You
13 Wings of Liberty Wings of Liberty Himmel
14 Offshore Offshore Nhato
15 Code Paradiso Code Paradiso
16 Starway to Heaven Starway to Heaven Tukishiro Hikari
17 FEEL YOUR DREAM Feel Your Dream Trii Tianyi
18 Seraphim Seraphim Himmel feat. YooSanHyakurei
19 Dual Sight Dual Sight G.K
20 Rebirth Rebirth Haloweak
22 Yggdrasils Yggdrasils HAYABUSA
23 Helios Helios Akira Complex
*S1 Kronos Kronos Sakuzyo
*S2 Primum Mobile Primum Mobile Himmel
*S3 Altersist Altersist Void
*S4 Vector Cannon Vector Cannon Akira Complex


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